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Price (Min. 2 hour)                                      1 Man        2 Men     3 Men
Per hour Mon-Fri                                         £30            £45         £65
Per hour Weekends & Evenings                      £35            £50         £70
All day (9 hours)                                         £250          £350        £450
All day (Weekends)                                     £300          £400        £500


If you’re moving or relocating outside of London, we’re happy to drive to any destination in the UK, or indeed Europe, please contact us for a removals quote.
For jobs with heavy or large items, particularly if the use of stairs is required, we insist on having two men from Van Man Removals London to undertake the job for the safety of our drivers and also yourselves (this will reduce the amount of time the job takes). Large items include things like wardrobes that cannot be dismantled and double beds. Please contact us if you are unsure whether your job will require one or two men.
If we provide you with a fixed quote and when our driver arrives, he discovers that there are additional items to move than was originally stated, he reserves the right to ask for a surcharge to cover the extra time this takes. He will not however charge a surcharge for other factors, such as delays due to traffic jams.
We accept payment in cash on completion or cheques seven days in advance.
There is an £10 surcharge if going through congestion charge during weekdays 7.00 AM – 6.30 PM.
We can either give you a fixed price quote for the whole job or charge by the hour. If we charge by the hours we will estimate how long it will take and jobs running over estimated completion time will be charged at half hour increments.
Goods are not insured, although most household insurance will cover you. If insurance is required, arrangements must be made to insure goods separately.